• Outcomes matter.         Trust is earned.

    Outcomes matter.
    Trust is earned.

Our Story

Who We Are

Beirne Wealth Consulting Services, LLC (“BWC”) is an SEC Registered Investment Advisor*. A growing, privately owned firm with offices in Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Florida, we provide independent, fee-based wealth management services and innovative financial strategies.

Who We Serve

Our institutional business provides consulting expertise to defined benefit and defined contribution plans, endowments, foundations and non-profits. Our private clients include wealthy individuals and prominent families many of whom bring complex wealth management challenges and multigenerational planning needs.

How We Know

There’s no substitute for direct experience. And John Beirne, a nearly-50-year industry veteran and founding partner of BWC, has seen it all. Since 1966, John and his team of investment professionals have weathered virtually every type of market, setting new precedents for both institutional and private clients.

John remembers a time early in his career when he was often out on a limb to challenge the status quo—until time and again the merits of his insights came to fruition. Speaking the truth and doing what is right for the client sometimes didn’t make him widely popular back then, but those are the core values that have always served him and his clients well.

John has carried those values with him and they’re vital to the culture at BWC. Forward thinking and an entrepreneurial mindset, in an industry replete with commoditized solutions, is encouraged and rewarded at BWC. Fresh perspectives supported by extensive qualitative and quantitative research continue to heighten the value our knowledge—the intellectual capital we bring to bear.

How You’ll Know

The moment you set foot in the BWC offices, there’s an unmistakable energy and enthusiasm in the atmosphere. Including the friendly reception you receive from the firm’s tiniest member—pint-sized mascot Reilly wagging his tail to greet you.

And when it’s down to business the intensity of our focus is unequivocal as all points of strategy are brought into play. A multi-discipline team of investment consultants and financial advisors is assembled to clearly and singularly zero in on meeting your specific objectives.

Should you choose to become a client, you will find that the initial level of care and attention you receive will persist throughout your relationship with us as we continually adjust and refine your investment strategy and financial plan to address changes in the economy and financial markets as well as your individual circumstances.

Furthermore, you will always be able to count on complete transparency when it comes to your clear understanding of the investments in your portfolio and full disclosure of the related fees and expenses involved.

What We Do

Direct experience is invaluable, but it’s not enough. The benefit of experience only comes when it translates into strategies and processes designed to meet your needs. What does that mean to you? Simply put, we ask the right questions to help you articulate your goals, expectations and risk tolerance so that we may formulate your investment strategy and incorporate any other financial services you require. And it’s never a one-size-fits-all solution. Nor is it ever a set-it-and-forget-it endeavor—a significant part of what we do is continually stress-test and rebalance portfolios in a consistent and disciplined way.

How We’re Different

BWC has a distinctive investment approach—we proudly admit that we think differently from other investment consultants. Rather than looking at a 30-year investment horizon, as many others do, we focus on three-year increments. We’re convinced that this methodology provides a more accurate, clearer picture of where the market is headed in the near future and over the long term and will greatly increase the potential to meet or exceed your financial goals. We also firmly believe that when you concentrate on managing risk, the upside will take care of itself—a philosophy that has stood the test of time for more than 40 years.

We’re also a cut above in our fierce commitment to clients. We willingly serve in a fiduciary capacity—meaning we never engage in self-dealing, we always diversify portfolios to the extent practicable to mitigate risk, and we unwaveringly put client interests ahead of our own. We also are open to working in concert with your own tax and legal advisors and even the custodian of your choice.

What Matters Most

At BWC, our guiding belief that outcomes matter and accountability is our responsibility is something we take very seriously. Or in the words of our founder—we strive to create portfolios and build financial strategies that help our clients eat well and sleep well. This kind of thinking truly resonates with both our institutional and private clients. And it is particularly relevant in times like these when markets change so rapidly and uncertainty abounds.

We can show you what this sort of accountability would look like in your life. Contact us today for a professional consultation with our leadership team.

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