• Outcomes matter.         Trust is earned.

    Outcomes matter.
    Trust is earned.

Defined Benefit Plans

The organizational commitment to provide a guaranteed retirement benefit for your employees is among the most daunting responsibilities your institution can face. Financial market volatility, persistently low interest rates, changing workforce demographics and regulatory scrutiny all serve to exacerbate the complexity of meeting this obligation.

Because times are so challenging for public and private pension plans, with myriad factors in a state of flux, choosing the right institutional advisor has never been more important. BWC in particular has been a source of solace for many plan sponsors. 

Some of the other qualifications and benefits that should advance BWC to the top of your consideration set include:

  • Customization—advisory solutions based on your unique goals and the role of your pension plan within your overall business strategy
  • Asset and Liability Management—strategies to improve your funded status and minimize plan volatility
  • Market Perspective— a unique focus on where markets are headed rather than a reliance on past performance, which has proven successful in virtually every kind of market
  • Disciplined Investment Process—an approach that combines world-class research, open access to investment solutions, and dynamic, independent investment decisions
  • Cost Efficiency—a structure designed to reduce and contain your plan expenses

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