• Outcomes matter.         Trust is earned.

    Outcomes matter.
    Trust is earned.

Tax-Efficient Planning

With the tax landscape in a perpetual state of change, and the impact of taxes undeniably pervasive, proper planning is crucial. A variety of strategies can minimize your liability and leverage favorable provisions while they remain in force.

In order to navigate the intricate tax issues related to managing your wealth, BWC can work in concert with your tax advisor to take advantage of a number of planning opportunities. For example:

  • Timing the realization of capital gains
  • Offsetting gains and losses, while paying attention to wash sale rules
  • Deducting investment interest expense
  • Utilizing charitable deductions
  • Contributing to tax-advantaged retirement vehicles
  • Considering the impact of the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT)

A number of wealth management strategies can help alleviate your tax burden. But, your plan must be built and managed to adapt to new opportunities and adjust to challenges that arise

To assess the effectiveness of your approach to tax planning, contact a BWC wealth advisor today.

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